AI4TrustBC / Clean CADET
October 2020
Two illustrations made for exhibition of projects in the field of artificial intelligence, organized by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the Center for the Promotion of Science.

I had an opportunity to illustrate 2 projects:
1) AI4TrustBC - application of artificial intelligence methods within systems based on blockchain technology;
2) Clean CADET - an educational tool to support writing well-designed code.

Exhibition was opened on October 9th, on the Sava Promenade in Kalemegdan, Belgrade. 12 scientific projects were presented, which are financed by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia within the Program for the Development of Projects in the Field of Artificial Intelligence.
10 artists were invited to visualize these projects, and I'm glad to
be part of such a great team. Thanks to Željko Lončar and Ivan Umeljić for art direction.