Balkan Express - Film Poster

December 2022

Film Poster
Graphic Design
Poster I made for the adventure documentary film "Balkan Express", by studio El Flamingo Films from Dusseldorf. Two alpinists / cyclists, Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle, filmed their way on bikes and skis through the mountains of the Balkans. Even during the first phase of this journey, I talked with part of the production team about the process of working on the poster, and part of that conversation found its way into the film itself! I also managed to personally meet the heroes of this film, who on their way stopped by Podgorica, where I painted their bicycles using the colors and elements represented on the poster. And that's not all: this cycling and mountaineering adventure from Thessaloniki to Munich has been translated into a wonderful book. Even that wasn't enough, so a t-shirt with this illustration on the back was also made...
Thanks for the opportunity for such an amazing collaboration: Philipp, Joscha, Max, Jochen, and the whole El Flamingo team!
More about the film at this link:
For adventurer friends, details about the ’’Balkan Express’’ route are available on the Komoot platform:

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