Ballot Boxes Project 1 & 2
Last 7 days of 2016 election campaign in Montenegro were inspiring enough to make illustration-a-day project. Conceived as ''countdown'' series, these illustrations question the idea of voting itself, without intention of favoritism to either party. Also, it was sort of a challenge - each illustration was roughly sketched, then made in Adobe Illustrator, and finally, published on my Facebook page. First phase of project (Image 1-5) was exhibited in Zagreb in 2017, at the international exhibition of graphic design ''Zgraf'' (theme  ''Social re-runs''). Project continued in 2017, without any particular plans, and it was interesting to see how the concept developed from the simple  ''hand - box'' situation. Second part (Image 6-10) was exhibited at the group exhibition  ''30 Alumni Dizajn Art'', in Cetinje (2018).