Biciklistika - Second Edition

December 2018

Second edition of ''Biciklistika'' manual (translated as ''Cyclistics'') was my official graduation project at the Graphic Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro. This expanded edition features more illustrations, within the different layout and dimensions. Traffic signs section is separated and placed in the middle of the manual, with different dimensions and paper. While it's still a concept, it will definitely serve as a basis for the future editions of this manual, originally aimed at the secondary school pupils in Montenegro, and published by NGO, Podgorica.

Hesitant system - more or less.

A small part of the archive of recent works, mostly from the field of illustration and graphic design. I'm still looking for a more convenient way to equally represent different types of works. On social networks (Facebook, Instagram), the content is updated more regularly. I hope to see you there as well. 🙃️
"Stuck by this river"

I am a member of the illustrator collective Ilustress. I am also part of the FLUID Design Forum team. I live and work in Podgorica, Montenegro, together with my partner, painter and printmaker Milena Vukoslavović.