ELEMENTI Magazine - Five Brilliant Minds

July 2023

Illustrations for the Summer 2023 issue of ''ELEMENTI'' magazine, published by the Center for the Promotion of Science (Centar za promociju nauke).

''In the history of neurology, there are several unusual cases that still tickle the imagination of scientists and the general public. Petar Nurkić brings an exciting story about five brilliant minds who had a great impact on the  history of neurology.''

I haven't illustrated such an exciting text in a long time. Therefore I leave only the names of these persons, and I hope you will enjoy reading this issue of ''ELEMENTI'', as I have enjoyed drawing these portraits.

1 - Phineas Gage
2 - Henry Molaison
3 - Jill Price
4 - ''Elliot'' (after Antonio Damasio)
5 - S.M. (patient)

Big thanks to Ivan Umeljić for the art direction.

Hesitant system - more or less.

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