Never Miss A Deadline - 36 Mountains Festival

September 2018

Illustration made for 36 Mountains Festival - Zagreb, and their collection of limited-edition silkscreen posters made by selected authors. It was made for the 2018 edition of 36 Mountains Festival, where I had a chance to both exhibit my drawings, in the well-known notebook format, and also give a lecture, at the ORIS House of Architecture in Zagreb. (Photos: Sven Sorić, 36 Mountains Festival)

Hesitant system - more or less.

A small part of the archive of recent works, mostly from the field of illustration and graphic design. I'm still looking for a more convenient way to equally represent different types of works. On social networks (Facebook, Instagram), the content is updated more regularly. I hope to see you there as well. 🙃️
"Stuck by this river"

I am a member of the illustrator collective Ilustress. I am also part of the FLUID Design Forum team. I live and work in Podgorica, Montenegro, together with my partner, painter and printmaker Milena Vukoslavović.