New Normal
Aug 2020 - Oct 2020

This is the second illustration that I created as a member of Ilustress collective. The subject was ''New Normal''. So during a process of making it I wrote a note that said: ''Abnormal as a new normal. New environment, new consciousness, new reality, new universe. Everyday epiphany.''

Part of the drawing process. Most of it was defined at the very start. Final phase of sketching (or reprinting, redrawing) was that big portrait, which gave the whole composition a poster feel.

When the crew of PDP Conference invited me to exhibit at this year's ALLSTARS / SUPERNOVAE silkscreen exhibition, I decided to send this illustration. The theme of the exhibition was ''Process'', and this illustration quite well describes the actual, everyday, never-ending process, as I see it and experience it (especially this year!).

This international exhibition gathered 70 creatives to respond to the topic of ''Process'' in the form of B1 silkscreen posters. It was part of Design Pavilion, which was organized in cooperation with Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture. Each of the posters was printed in several copies, so that they could be replaced in case of damage.

I'm glad that this illustration, related to our recently formed collective, was also materialized as a screen print. Many thanks to PDP Conference for the great photos of this exhibition.


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