PROMIS Publication
January 2021


5 illustrations for the publication "PROMIS", published by Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia and Center for the Promotion of Science . It is dedicated to the Program for excellent projects of young researchers, which will be financed by the Science Fund in the next two years. AD: Ivan Umeljić and Željko Lončar.

I've illustrated 5 projects:

1) DEStiny: Natural deep eutectic solvents for green agri-food solutions;
2) DiaBoNet: Effects of diabetes mellitus on osteocytic, neural and vascular networks in bone;
3) SENSOGENE: Cancer biosensors based on gene regulatory elements;
4) SYMBIOSIS: Controllable design of efficient enzyme-MOF composites for biocatalysis;
5) MiFaDriCa: identification of CNV-miRNAs as genetic drivers and risk factors for congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract.

18 illustrators in total were invited to contribute to this publication which presents 59 projects financed within the PROMIS program. I'm honored to be in such a great company of artists whose work I truly admire.

Publication design by Željko Lončar.


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