C ontribution to the International Tolerance Poster Show
In March 2017, I was invited by Mirko Ilić to contribute to the international poster exhibition, ''Tolerance''. It is a traveling exhibition that grows as new posters are added at each location. So far, exhibition was organized in Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Holland, Spain, United Emirates, Dominican Republic, USA, Turkey, Russia... I'm honored to exhibit at this extraordinary show, together with stars of international graphic design and illustraton. Mirko Ilić is the organizer of this traveling exhibition. For Montenegro edition, Mirko invited me to participate, and it makes me more than thankful, and happy, to be in the company of all those famous designers. It is also great to know that this show will continue to travel. Thank you, Mirko! More about Tolerance posters:  http://toleranceposters.blogspot.com/