World Poetry Day(s) 2021 

March 2021

Visual Identity
Visual identity for the manifestation World Poetry Day(s) 2021, organized by Belgrade Cultural Center. The editor of the program was the poet and playwright Maša Seničić, who invited me to work on posters, visuals and additional materials that promoted this edition of World Poetry Day(s), titled "Paper Rock Rock". I'm grateful to Maša for this opportunity.

This edition of the festival was entirely conceived as an online event. 9 authors from the countries of the former Yugoslavia were invited, as well as 3 authors from Italy. These are: Alen Brlek (HR), Vladana Perlić (BA), Đorđe Ivković (RS), Anita Pajević (BA), Jana Radičević (ME), Marija Dejanović (HR), Radmila Petrović (RS), Tomislav Augustinčić (HR), Marija Dragnić (ME), Beatrice Cristalli (IT), Giulia Martini (IT) and Alma Spina (IT). One of the main segments of the festival were short videos, which accompanied selected poems read by the authors themselves. The videos were directed by Marko Milovanović, and can be viewed here.

In addition to the main visuals and posters, a digital booklet was made, where a small chapter of 8 pages is provided for each author. Here you can see the title pages of these chapters, with basic information about the authors. The ''stain'' from the main visual is divided into 12 equal fields, in 12 different combinations.

As for the inner part of the booklets, it is conceived in such a way that there is a dialogue between poems (on the right) and non-literary materials (on the left). These are materials from various sources, whether they are records, documents, correspondence, quotes from other literary works or films, statistical data... In that way, a diptych was created, where a relationship is established between "poetic and potentially poetic elements / objects.'' (Maša Seničić) Below, you can see some examples of these ''dialogues''.

Alen Brlek (HR)

Đorđe Ivković (RS)

Radmila Petrović (RS)

Tomislav Augustinčić (HR)

Deus Ex Volente

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